12 February 2008

16 October 2007

It's on like Donkey Kong

It's a walk-off, everybody.

It's a walk-off.

Chance and I are having a wee contest to lose weight and not be fat people anymore. I feel like he's going to beat me because he's got professionals in his corner to motivate and help him, and all I've got is my own sheer will, which, admittedly, is not strong. We'll just see what happens.

22 August 2007



18 June 2007

This Just In

I've lost 7 pounds in 7 days. Also, my keyboard isn't detecting my keystrokes. Batteries must be low?

15 June 2007


I've worked out every day this week. And I'm going to do it every day every week. I think. Maybe not on Sunday. Saturday either, but maybe.

04 June 2007


i need somewhere to live this summer!

ali is totally ditching me.

30 May 2007


I'm back at my dad's house for the summer. Today was my first day back at work painting.
It didn't suck quite as bad as I remembered it. Maybe this summer will be better than the last. That sounded like a Counting Crows song.
Also, it's my step-sister's birthday today. She's 22. We're supposed to go to a third rate strip club later or something. Yeesh.

26 May 2007


So school's out for me. I took my last final this morning. I think I rocked it's shit. Also, I don't work at Lowe's any more. Now, I paint houses.

Something I learned: there is a whole camp of people who hate Rachel Ray. They often call her Raytard. Upon further reflection, I decided I'm one of these people. Also, I learned that she has gross boobs. Behold:
Super awesome 80's party at Chance's house tomorrow night. I'm extra excited.

Good night dear diary.

24 April 2007

16 April 2007

Cher = Xerxes

Oh, and speaking of glamazons:

Only the first 45 seconds are worth watching, FYI.


I've got two exams this week, one next week. The studying is killing me. Trying to be a good student is much harder that I ever thought it would be.

I like when people wear the same clothes every day. It makes life seem more like a cartoon, and I like those.

I'm going to bed before midnight tonight, which is a first in like, forever.

15 April 2007

11 April 2007


You can look on Google earth and see the actual damage of the Darfur crisis. There are tons of cities that look just like this one. It makes me sad.

07 April 2007

Fall Schedule

MUS 121: Music Theory I
MUS 122: Sight Singing I
MUS 115: Concert Band
MUS 112: Jazz Ensemble
MUS 113: Wind Symphony
CHE 310: Organic Chemistry I
BIO 460: Molecular Cell Biology

Kind of a heavy load. Hopefully I won't fail them all and get kicked out of school and become a hobo.

02 April 2007

April Fools (30 mins late)

LONDON — The headline on the press release sounded tantalizing: "Kia unveils groundbreaking self-build CAR with 'Concept i.'" But the accompanying photo just shows a pile of boxes.

It's all an elaborate April Fool's Day prank, which becomes apparent with the last line of the release: "An on-sale date and pricing is yet to be announced by the Korean company, but it currently has no i Kia."

If it did, the DIY car would be equipped with "a selection of existing powertrains from the recently launched cee'd, including the popular 1.6-liter turbodiesel." Transmission options range from a four-speed automatic to a six-speed manual.

Kia explained that the inspiration for the car is taken from "flat-pack furniture" that the customer builds at home. Only an Allen wrench is needed to put together the vehicle — and that's included in the kit.

But there is a catch. The warranty "will vary according to the skill level of the customer." "A simple questionnaire can reveal how adept they are at building the car," according to a Kia statement. "A high score will get a seven-year warranty, a low score about a couple of weeks."

What this means to you: The Kia Concept i is worth nothing more than a chuckle.

23 March 2007

Dear Carlos Mencia,

Please stop. Nobody thinks you're funny.

PS Your real name is Ned.

21 March 2007


This is simultaneously the most hilarious thing and the most terrifying thing ever made.

14 March 2007

I hate my Psych lab T.A.

He is a smarmy, little weasel. And he is balding to boot.

11 March 2007

Check it

This game is basically the next hottest thing to hit PS3. Essentially, you create a little universe via the user interface, then over the internet, other players enter your space and try to solve the goofy little puzzles you lay out for them. It seems that PlayStation 3 may not be as worthless as everyone is saying it is.

09 March 2007

I hate my job.

My job is ridiculous. I work at Lowe's Home Improvement Warehouse. I am a cashier there. I would not be cashiering, but it seems to be the only job a college kid can get in this trash town. Essentially I sacrifice my entire weekend (life?) every week for a measly $9.05 an hour. This means that I work 7 hours on Friday nights and 8 hours each Saturday and Sunday, with hour long lunches somewhere in the middle. I guess the only consolation is that while I'm at work, I can't really be out spending money on fun things, so when the bills come up due, I can afford to pay for them.

08 March 2007


Benny Benassi, Satisfaction video (porno version). Yeah, I went there.

07 March 2007

Classes i'm taking in the fall

Psy 350 Human Lifespan Development
Psy 330 Brain and Behavior
Phl 436 Philosophy and Religion
Sp 113 1st year 3rd term Spanish
Art 365 Art history 1945-Contemporary

04 March 2007

God I'm popular

I just got two Myspace friend requests from identical twins. Word of my absolute coolness must be getting around.
Also, there's like 50 fraternity gentlemen in my house currently because my room mate volunteered our living room for their super secret party thing tonight. Awesome.

02 March 2007

Dangerous Creatures?

woo, 2 GB hard drive.

01 March 2007

Exercise Science 101

So I just got back from my first official jog as a part of my new life plan. I feel pretty shitty. Clearly I wasn't ready to just jump into a workout plan, but now that I've started, I have to keep it up. I think Chance is going to pledge to get into shape with me, or at least keep me motivated to do it.

Cake's "going the distance" randomly came up as the first song in my iPod when I started running. I'm pretty sure it was some form of cosmic manifestation telling me that I was doing the right thing. Anyway, I'm off to the shower.

27 February 2007

A Healthy Appetite for Decadence

As I tried to leave work last weekend, I was confronted by tiny harbingers of the Devil. I don't mean any devil, but THE Devil, who is Satan. These daemonic imps were peddling tiny disks of damnation, commonly referred to as Girl Scout Cookies.

And I bought some. I loves me some Samoas. Not that great of a deal for someone who's supposed to be dieting.

This is what they looked like:

25 February 2007

The Dark Knight

So have you seen this, have you heard about this?

I like Batman. I like movies about Batman. I also like that the Batman movie series is being "reimagined" by director Christopher Nolan. If you didn't know, Batman will be portrayed by Christian Bale throughout the entire series. This pleases me. So, in the new Batman movie, "The Dark Knight," The Joker will be making his appearance, and will be played by Heath Ledger. I'm not sure how I feel about that, but he's a good enough actor, so I'm sure he'll do at least a decent job. The newest news though, is that Aaron Eckhart will be playing District Attorney Harvey Dent. That's right, that means Two-Face. Though Tommy Lee Jones was a fantastic Two-Face, I'm eager to see what he'll do with the character.

Here's what Heath Ledger looks like as The Joker. Pretty scary.

23 February 2007

I don't usually do this

Check out the cutest little kid ever made. His name is Lucas Padilla (Kannier Leymaster Freauff). He's my stepsister Ashley and brother-in-law Marcus' baby. Which basically makes him my nephew. I'm pretty sure he's a year and 4 months at this point.
He has stranger anxiety, so he doesn't really like me that much. He's in love with my dad though.


Seriously, you guys

That's it. I'm making a lifestyle change. I'm sick of being the only fat kid. Starting now, I pledge to reach my ideal weight of 210 lbs. I'm not sure how many that is to lose, but I think it's about like 50.

What a walrus I've become. This is unacceptable. My plan: a combination of jogging and Bowflex. It's weird to see bigger people jogging. Should be a spectacle for all the neighborhood children to enjoy.

Watch for updates to my sexiness. It will be increasing shortly.


22 February 2007

Blogging is fun.


We, Chance and Alex, are two friends who went to high school together. We now go to different colleges, but live fairly close to one another. We decided to create this space as a place to share our lives with our friends and as a means to keep in touch with each other.

This blog shall be a chronicle of all of the things that we find to be interesting. They will be important events in our lives, things we find on the web-tron, or simply our thoughts and whims.